How Art Therapy Helps People with Disabilities?

Art is a way of expressing yourself in the most creative ways possible. It allows us to transcend the boundaries of logic and reason and enter into a state where heart takes the lead and helps us create and do things without any reward and process itself is the reward.

This is why Art Therapy has proven to be a successful form of treatment for special children and adults with emotional and physical disabilities. This type of therapy can be considered a psychotherapeutic service. It allows them to express themselves in non-verbal ways through the use of art tools and supplies. This form of expression can tell a counselor many things. In fact, it provides a way for the disabled individuals to communicate things they simply cannot say in words.

The brain is stimulated by creating art, and produces higher levels of dopamine. This is especially important for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD as increased dopamine levels improve concentration. Expressing creativity through art also elevates serotonin and reduces stress levels. Used therapeutically, art-making can also improve the symptoms of executive function in children and adults with ADHD, adhd tips and the motor skills of specific children with learning disabilities, dyslexic children.

Some of the activities that prove to be therapeutic effect include:

  1. Singing
  2. Dance
  3. Use of Musical Instruments
  4. Painting
  5. Sculpture
  6. Sketching

This is why GCSB Arts, Education & Wellness strives to help those with disabilities. Swingin’ with Creative Arts Therapies (SCAT) is a collaborative expressive arts program conceptualized by GCSB Arts, Education and Wellness for individuals with special needs including physical, intellectual and emotional disabilities. Coordinated by a Certified Creative Arts Therapist, SCAT affords each participant the opportunity to experience and express their own interpretation of the Swing Era through art, music, and dance/movement modalities. SCAT is funded through various local and state grants and sponsors.

If you know a family member or a friend with disability, do get in touch with us to help them add meaning to their lives and give them a chance to to express themselves using art, music and dance.

You can also contribute to the cause of disability awareness through our musical programs. We organize a program every year named as A Swingin Christmas Spectacular. There will be music from the swing era by Glass City Swing Band and the opportunity to Sponsor a Participant and/or our mission the night of the fundraiser. This fundraiser will celebrate GCSBArts’ service to individuals with special needs and an opportunity for others to laugh, sing, dance, or just listen to music of the 1940’s and 1950’s swing bands. You can help us promote disabilities awareness as well as help us organize our art therapy programs through your donations.


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