Top 5 Assistive Technologies For The Disabled

    Technology is proving to be a great equalizer for everyone with it’s impact across all walks of life. It has also lent a lent a helping hand for people with disabilities such as visual impairment, speech impairment, people with motion disabilities or disorders, etc. We are seeing a rapid rise in the development of products […]

Why It’s Important To Increase Awareness About Disabilities?

Much work has been done to try and improve all areas of life for people living with disabilities and huge steps have been taken however there remains a long road ahead. There are many areas in which disabled people suffer and we need to ensure that lives are made easier in aspects of life. Most […]

How Art Therapy Helps People with Disabilities?

Art is a way of expressing yourself in the most creative ways possible. It allows us to transcend the boundaries of logic and reason and enter into a state where heart takes the lead and helps us create and do things without any reward and process itself is the reward. This is why Art Therapy […]

Music Therapy For Disabled Individuals

    Music has a beautiful power to move us, uplift our moods, motivate us, and connect us with our friends and family. It helps us to communicate and express our feelings, and to understand the world and people around us with a new level of depth. Songs and rhythms not only entertain and delight us; there is scientific evidence that certain beats can increase mental wellness, reduce […]

Welcome to the GCSB (Glass City Swing Band) Arts, Education and Wellness Blog!

GCSB Arts, Education and Wellness (GCSBArts) is a nonprofit that benefits the special needs community through music and arts therapies. This Blog has been set up to help and encourage those with special needs. You’ll see all kinds of posts related to art, music and dance therapies so make sure you’re connected in some way […]